Framework Architecture


Framework Architecture is a Sherbert Group partner, which specializes in Adaptive-Reuse Architecture and Planning, and Historic Preservation and Rehabilitation. We have completed projects for reactivation of the largest historic mills, to the rehabilitation of the smallest historic homes. Our expertise focuses on preserving and modernizing historic buildings throughout the entire nation.

Some of our most recent projects include Drayton Mills in Spartanburg, South Carolina, The American Tobacco Campus in Durham, North Carolina, and Revolution Mill in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Old buildings need not be tossed aside, only because their original use is no longer relevant. Often, all that is needed is a vision to set the wheels of change in motion, and spare our architectural heritage from the wrecking ball. Understanding the opportunities (as well as the limitations), of historic properties is a fundamental skill. We meld our intimate knowledge of historic real estate assets with thoughtfully conceived design solutions.

This is where concept becomes reality.  Often, historic properties have been neglected for decades upon decades.  Once commonplace construction methods become a thing of folklore over time.  Understanding how to properly mend these buildings, and marry them to their new uses is crucial to a successful project.  We put our knowledge and experience to work for you, to assure the highest quality architectural product, and to safeguard your tax credit investment.